Tout nouveau, tout beau
le macaron
à la rose et aux framboises

Rigor and high standard, quality and authenticity, passion et creation,
at Dominique Saibron’s, everyday these words are put into action.

Bakery, pastry, coffee break, sophisticated snacks, everything is gathered here to answer your needs.

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Our Christmas logs


Because the end-of-year celebrations are a moment of reunion, of shared happiness, but also of generosity, Dominique Saibron wanted to bring to life the magic of Christmas with quality (Valrhona chocolate, vanilla Bourbon, Ardèche chestnuts).

This year, these are notes of raspberry-pistachio, chocolate-caramel, chocolate-vanilla or brown.

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bûche rubis aux doigts de fées

bûche la délicieuse

bûche bourbon

bûche marron extrême