Relaxation – The bakery Dominique Saibron is a place of life


Going on, we come back, we stops there, we found it for a coffee, a light lunch, or around a pin.

Space is modern, bright and welcoming. Warm tones, blond wood tables near the bakery incite halt. Located near a sensitive delicious smells of fresh bread or pastries of Paris South Gate, this is a place where one is just fine.

Alésia District, Paris

Creating from scratch a bakery occupying a vast space at the heart of the district of Alesia (Paris 14th), Dominique Saibron had the desire to deeply anchored in his neighborhood.

It gives its full meaning to his craftreviving the concept of “local business.”Filmography Opened in summer 2009, many people feel that Dominique Saibron is there forever!